Day: March 30, 2021

The Geopolitics of Critical Minerals Supply Chains

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As clean energy technology becomes the latest frontier for geoeconomic rivalry, the security of supply chains for rare earths and critical minerals—essential materials for clean energy—has become a global strategic issue.

The fragility of global supply chains revealed by Covid-19 and rising competition from China have only heightened the importance of supply chain security for critical minerals.

This report compares strategies and actions taken by the United States, European Union, and Japan, illuminating key economic, security, and geopolitical factors behind these evolving approaches to enhance the security of critical minerals supply chains.

5 Tips To Ditch Fast Fashion And Cultivate A Sustainable Closet

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When fashionable clothes can be so cheap, it can be easy to fill up virtual shopping carts just for the rush of the purchase. But this attitude of excess has led to mass over-production and a clothing waste crisis.

“Ultimately, any item of clothing that you get rid of is going to end up in the landfill because the technological solutions just really aren’t at scale yet to do something different with it,” says Elizabeth Cline, author of The Conscious Closet: A Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good.

An Irish startup can work out your carbon footprint from your grocery receipt

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The production and distribution of food accounts for around a third of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions. But as a consumer, it’s difficult to measure the climate impact of what you eat.

A Dublin-based startup called Evocco could soon make it much easier.

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