Arched pavers reshape stormwater management

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Greater attention to the effects of climate change is prompting a larger focus on water, from clean water access to stormwater management. 

Climate change-induced weather volatility and stronger storms are putting a spotlight on the need for better flood mitigation solutions. That importance is underscored by the steady growth of urban areas and the increased use of impervious building and infrastructure materials that cause water to stay at the surface of the ground instead of being absorbed into it.

Groundwater makes up almost one-third of the Earth’s total freshwater, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. But the amount of groundwater in aquifers is shrinking because humans are using it faster than it’s being renewed. 

A Midwest entrepreneur familiar with these issues came up with an innovation that lessens water problems without breaking the bank. Doug Buch founded PaveDrain, which creates pavers for stormwater management. A unique aspect is the arch shape of the pavers’ underside. Arches are considered one of the greatest architectural achievements because of their extreme load-bearing qualities, and they have been used in aqueducts since ancient times.

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