Day: March 18, 2021

The Shocking Number of Phones Waiting to Be Recycled – How Many of Them Are Yours?

Read the full story at Planet Ark.

We tend to hold onto items we see as valuable, like mobile phones. And that makes sense – we paid good money for our mobiles, so we’re not just going to throw them away! But how many of us are storing broken phones that will never be used again?

Selfie-taking tourists risk giving wild gorillas COVID-19, other diseases

Read the full story in National Geographic.

The majority of gorilla selfies that researchers found on Instagram violated social distancing rules meant to keep the endangered great apes safe.

Kraft Heinz pilots roof board made of recycled flexible packaging

Read the full story at Waste Today.

The company tested roofing made from postconsumer flexible plastic at two of its manufacturing plants in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Could DS Smith’s “Greentote” Solve Grocery’s Plastic Bag Problem?

Read the full story at The Spoon.

My online grocery shopping and curbside pickup with Walmart is pretty delightful except for one thing: all the plastic bags. I’m not sure if it’s corporate policy or what, but it seems like Walmart’s pick-and-pack employees give just about every item its own bag. The result is a ton of waste (and just as much guilt).

Perhaps Walmart should look into the Greentote, a new type of reusable and recyclable cardboard packaging from DS Smith. The Greentote is basically an open ended box, but, as the press announcement last week described, it is also “reusable, moisture-resistant, modular, 100% recyclable container made from renewable resources.”

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