Green Leases: The Starting Point for Building Improvement

Read the full story from Blue and Green Tomorrow.

For most businesses, buildings account for a significant proportion of the carbon and energy used. The World Green Building Council estimates that construction and buildings account for 39% of the global carbon footprint. If you understand the role of buildings in climate change, then you can appreciate the need for solutions to lower their carbon footprint.

In addition to the activities within the building that consume energy and water and generate waste, businesses will need to increasingly consider the emissions from staff commuting and from the use of materials in fit-out, alteration and refurbishment. They may also need to consider the need for retrofitting buildings to lower their carbon footprints. A net-zero plan is also likely to consider embedded carbon within the building’s structure and the business’ share of that over the total lifetime of the building.

But businesses face two intertwined issues when developing their strategy to reduce emissions from buildings.

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