Facility Decarbonization Playbook

Download the document.

Production facilities collectively across all sectors account for a large portion of fuel combustion related global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While many companies and facilities are setting ambitions and targets to reduce these emissions, it is still a relatively small percentage of all production facilities across all industrial sectors globally. Alone, one facility does not make the difference needed to tackle climate change impacts of production but taken together, all facilities can have a significant impact following the approach outlined within this playbook.

The focus of the Facility Decarbonization Playbook is on providing guidance to less mature facilities to accelerate the journey from negative to positive impacts with regards to emissions. Because facility decarbonization needs to occur locally, the Facility Decarbonization Playbook offers foundational information to spur local efforts and is considered hugely informative to other sectors that might be lagging. As opposed to a step by step approach, the Playbook provides concise and focused key point for decarbonization through a methodical structure aligned with four pillars:

  • Reduction – decreasing emissions by increasing energy efficiency
  • Elimination – avoiding emissions by changings processes or technology or switching power or fuel source
  • Capture – removing and sequestering emissions (carbon) by industrial or natural techniques
  • Compensation – balancing emissions through carbon offsets, insetting, and credit.

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