Is it too late?

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This week, Science Node debuts a new series on climate change that we’re calling Is it too late? We’ve known about climate change for decades, but many people are still apathetic to it. Even worse, some believe that it’s simply too late to do anything about this crisis. 

We want to examine and challenge that assumption.

Over the course of this series, we will interview a diverse set of experts to better understand the climate crisis we face. What’s more, we’ll be asking various forms of a globally imperative question: Is it too late to save organized human life on planet Earth?

For this article, we spoke with Dr. Ben Kravitz. An assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Indiana University, one of Kravitz’s main focuses is climate engineering. This is the (currently theoretical) process of artificially altering the environment to counter climate change and buy us more time to solve the crisis.

It’s a controversial topic to some, but Kravitz is interested to learn more about it. He thinks that if we want to survive the climate crisis, we’ll have to at least consider every potential solution.

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