UofL researchers piloting process to make healthy sugar and 3-D printable materials from soy hulls

Read the full story from the University of Louisville.

Researchers at the University of Louisville Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research and Department of Mechanical Engineering are working to transform soy hulls left over from soybean processing into valuable food and industrial products. The United Soybean Board has awarded $350,000 to UofL to further develop methods for using soy hulls in modified fiber composites for 3-D printing applications and produce the sugar substitute xylose as a value-added product.

This project will pilot a commercially viable process using previous research to convert soybean hull biomass into a low-calorie, diabetic-friendly sugar substitute while simultaneously extracting micro and nanoscale fibers to be used for lightweight fiber composites and thermoplastic packaging products via 3D printing.

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