PFAS Webinar

Feb 19, 2021, noon
Register here.

PFAS is a family of chemical compounds (over 4,000) found in most everything we use in our daily lives. These forever chemicals have been identified as emerging contaminants and have found their way into some of our water systems.

The development of treatment technologies that can reliably, sustainably, and cost effectively remove PFAS from water and maximize the use of our water resources is a critical short-term step.

This Southern California Water Coalition program will explore PFAS, what it is, how we can treat the existing conditions and explore long-term solutions that replace these chemicals to ensure the protection of future generations’ access to water today and for tomorrow.


  • Robert Beste, Assistant General Manager, Water Replenishment District of Southern California
  • Steven Carmona, City Manager, City of Pico Rivera, California
  • Jason Dadakis, Executive Director, Water Quality and Technical Resources, Orange County Water District
  • Scott Grieco, P.E., Ph.D., Global Technology Leader, Jacobs
  • Craig Miller, General Manager, Western Municipal Water District
  • Dan Newton, California State Water Resource Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water
  • Steve Tedesco, Senior Vice President, Tetra Tech

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