Where Exactly Does Joe Biden Plan To Put 550,000 EV Charging Stations?

Read the full story at Jalopnik.

There has been a lot of talk today about President Joe Biden’s first day executive orders. One EO that has long been promised paves the way forward for mass electric vehicle adoption. Joe has campaigned on a $5 billion plan to install half a million new EV charging stations by 2030. If it does come to pass, it’ll certainly help alleviate range anxiety and provide the network consumers and automakers alike need to be able to rely on emissions free driving.

Of course, an executive order doesn’t have any teeth without a budget to fund it, so he’ll need the backing of congress to get it done. As one of the tentpoles of this administration’s plan for the future, electric vehicles and clean energy are likely to receive serious support from congressional Dems, and could clear bi-partisan favor with the promise of new jobs wrapped up in it. Biden’s plan calls for around 1 million new clean energy jobs created as a result of this.

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