Entrepreneurship and the sustainable bioeconomy transformation

Andreas Kuckertz, Elisabeth S.C. Berger, Leif Brändle (2020). “Entrepreneurship and the sustainable bioeconomy transformation.” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transition 37, 332-344. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eist.2020.10.003

Abstract: Governments worldwide have formulated visions of a transition toward a bio-based economy (bioeconomy). These visions to move beyond the exploitation of fossil resources complement the United Nation’s sustainability goals such as climate change mitigation. Different factors will shape and foster the successful transition to a knowledge-based bioeconomy; among those factors, entrepreneurial activity is especially promising. Therefore, this study examines the enabling and transformational role of entrepreneurship by conducting a structured literature review and thematic analysis to elicit the implicit views on entrepreneurs and their ventures found in the bioeconomy literature. The review identifies three major entrepreneurial themes addressed in the literature that are included in a holistic framework comprising entrepreneurial activity on the micro level, entrepreneurial ecosystems (or clusters and innovation systems) on the meso level, and governmental vision and support on the macro level. Suggestions for further research on the interface of entrepreneurship and the bioeconomy are also provided.

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