An international climate agenda for the next administration

Download the summary and explore the detailed recommendations.

After decades of inadequate action by the international community, climate change now poses a clear and imminent threat to our prosperity, security, and well-being. Only a focused and ambitious global response can avert the worst impacts. And as the last four years have demonstrated, American global leadership is indispensable to mobilize action at the required scale and pace. To rise to this unprecedented challenge, the next president and administration must elevate climate change to the first rank of America’s international priorities and make addressing the climate crisis a central organizing principle of U.S. foreign policy.

This agenda provides a governing blueprint for the next administration to lead a global mobilization from day one to address the climate crisis.

Starting from the position that addressing climate change should be a central organizing principle that informs all key areas of U.S. foreign policy, it lays out an ambitious yet achievable agenda with priority recommendations the next administration should pursue to chart a course towards greater climate stability.

All of the recommendations are firmly rooted in advancing U.S. interests, alliances, and global cooperation. Underpinned by a bold domestic agenda, the next administration can seize the opportunity to leverage the U.S.’s unparalleled influence to rally the international community to act at the speed and scale needed to meet the climate challenge.

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