Oregon Metro Releases Commercial Food Scraps Contamination Report

Read the full story at Biocycle.

In November 2019, Metro, a directly-elected regional government headquartered in Portland, Oregon, completed the “Commercial Food Scraps Composition Study” to evaluate the amount and types of nonacceptable material, known as contaminants, placed in food scraps bins by businesses and their employees in the Metro region.

The business food scraps program is food only, although materials can be collected in BPI-certified compostable liner bags. Nearly 28,000 pounds of food scraps, or 50 samples, were collected and sorted.

“This study was designed to identify the most prevalent types of contamination in a program with a food-only acceptance standard,” explains a report with the findings released in November 2020.

“The results of the study also provide a baseline for contamination rates prior to the implementation of the Business Food Waste Requirement, scheduled for implementation beginning in spring 2021. Findings will be used to update acceptance standards and inspection protocols for incoming loads of commercial food scraps to Metro transfer stations and other facilities receiving Metro-region food scraps for processing.”

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