Green innovation: A systematic literature review

Salim Karimi Takalo, Hossein Sayyadi Tooranloo, Zahra Shahabaldini parizi (2021). “Green innovation: A systematic literature review.” Journal of Cleaner Production 279, 122474.

Abstract: Green innovation (GI) literature over the past decades has evolved and expanded, because of its widespread and essential applications along with the environmental awareness and service delivery of green products and applications. The aim of this article is to provide GI methods from a comprehensive overview, analyze articles and bibliographic information through a systematic literature review (SLR). In this study, 178 articles on GI between 2007 and 2019 were selected and reviewed. After reviewing the articles, the outcome was that in the field of GI articles on topics such as Benefits of GI implementation had the highest share. The articles were divided on the basis of study area, the sector of industries had more than one industry and the largest share was of manufacturing industries. In the Section of research method, the mathematical modeling has had the most use in the articles reviewed. The results of the study showed that the Journal of Cleaner Production, Business Strategy and the Environment had the highest number of publications on GI. Clustering of articles was done using the Cite space tool and the articles were cited using the CiteNetexplor tool and the density mapping of the co-authoring network of researchers was done by using VOS viewer software. In addition, some future research opportunities were suggested and discussed in this article. Universities, organizations, those involved in companies can benefit from these useful reviews and conduct research.

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