Diageo Sustainable Solutions Programme

Applications due: 12/16/2020

The Diageo Sustainable Solutions programme has announced a call to innovators to collaborate on sustainable technology focusing on four global challenges – energy, water, circularity and agriculture. They will fund up to £100k per pilot.


  1. Energy – low carbon heat for distilling and brewing. Example solutions: Waste heat recovery & reuse (including heat pumps), Hydrogen heat production, Solar thermal heat generation, Thermal energy storage and distribution, Low-carbon natural gas heat generation, Control & Instrumentation of heat balancing/energy management software, Geographically-specific solutions
  2. Water – water stress mitigation in production facilities. Example solutions:Intelligent / automated Water metering, Greywater Recycling (C&I) and wastewater treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge, Water harvesting (atmospheric and rainwater), Water reuse, Desalination, Hardware and software for efficiency improvement
  3. Circularity– sustainable glass bottle design. Example solutions: Radical light weighting and/or enhanced mechanical strength, Breakthroughs in forming technology in the context of container glass, Altering glass bottle content such as raw materials, additives, alternative coatings to minimize the materials footprint overall, Optimizing glass bottle attributes such as shape, color, decoration (labelling and/or sleeves) to significantly improve recycling recovery rates, Making labels and other non glass components 100% recyclable or compostable, Design for durability, reuse, ecommerce, improved packaging and logistics, while still delivering strong aesthetics, Premium (cosmetic) quality and clarity levels from improved sustainability manufacturing methods eg. high cullet content, Alternative filling processes to enable most sustainable glass container design and overall footprint
  4. Agriculture – smallholder farm resource efficiency. Example solutions:Regenerative agriculture solutions, Water sourcing and reuse solutions, Metering and control of soil condition and health (helping mitigate against erosion and or salinization), Services such as credit scoring, crop insurance and financing, Smart irrigation, irrigation support tools and solar irrigation, Farm knowledge networks, and equipment sharing platforms, Hyper-local weather forecasting, Goods and services marketplaces

About: Diageo is an international spirits company with North American distilling, manufacturing and packing locations in IL, KY (2), MD, TN, Canada (4) and USVI.

Application: Application information is confidential, includes only general company information (6 questions), challenge-specific information (6 questions, including a request to upload a presentation) and diversity and inclusion (1 question). Note the short timeline to contact/apply by December 16th.

Pilots: Each pilot will be sponsored by a Diageo Business Unit lead, with a dedicated Technical support team (from Diageo and supply chain partners). Successful pilots will be considered for scaling within the Diageo Supply Chain. Up to a 6-month pilot of collaboration to develop your ideas and demonstrate a proof of concept within our supply chain, with funding of up to £100k per pilot.

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