Webinar: Teaching Environmental Justice with Documentaries

Dec 8, 2020, 1 pm CST
Register here.

How will Kisilu Musya, a farmer in rural Kenya, cope with drought and flash floods brought on by climate change? Can a Black community in Texas put an end to toxic emissions from a nearby oil refinery? How can we protect forests, rebuild ecosystems and restore biodiversity? What is the real cost of fast fashion and iphones? These questions and more are explored in this documentary collection.

The global future we face is both exciting and challenging. Rapidly changing landscapes of regional and global systems of power, knowledge, and exchange confront us all — probably in ways we have yet to fully comprehend. From this global perspective, the need for environmental literacy intertwined with various other kinds of understanding is deep and profound.

An ACRL Webinar with free teacher’s guides, this panel discussion will provide insight structuring classes around documentary films and screening documentaries in campus-wide events.

Discussion topics include:

  • Defining environmental justice
  • Climate justice as a galvanizing topic on campus
  • Discussing difficult topics and footage in class – how do you help students maintain optimism?
  • How environmental justice touches on and even pervades a variety of subject areas

The session includes numerous clips from Global Environmental Justice Documentaries to give viewers a sense of the scope and depth of the collection, as well as recorded interviews with the project’s curators.

Download the teacher’s guide for Thank You for the Rain and others here: http://gej.docuseek2.com/cart/template/guides

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