The Role of Innovation in Changing Behavior Towards a Circular Economy

Watch the archived webinar [registration required to view].

By 2030 plastic waste is expected to increase by more than 50% to 330 million tons per annum if business continues as usual. Not only is this unsustainable for communities and the environment, it also makes little sense economically. Recent figures show $120 billion is lost each year because plastic waste is mismanaged. This hour-long webinar will explore how innovation and new business models can help transform the relationship between people and waste, redefining value and driving a circular economy. 

Topics include: 

  • The business and environmental case for shifting from a linear to a circular economy for plastics
  • Opportunities to leverage innovation, beyond new technologies and materials to affect behavior change 
  • Exciting new solutions to tackling plastic waste leakage

For more reading on the Alliance:


  • Lauren Phipps, Director & Senior Analyst, Circular Economy, GreenBiz


  • Jacob Duer, President & CEO, Alliance to End Plastic Waste
  • Jeff Kirschner, Founder & CEO, Litterati
  • John C. Warner, Distinguished Research Fellow, Exploration and Discovery, Zymergen Corporation
  • Natalie Hallinger, Behavior Change Advisor, Lecturer

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