The Annex apparition

Read the full story from the Illinois Natural History Survey.

Anyone from PRI that has stepped into the Natural Resources Studies Annex (NRSA) knows that it may lay claim to being the creepiest PRI building. Fortunately, the inhabitants of the Annex are generally enamored with some of the more frequent freaks of nature that visit.

Our occasional bat visitors are welcome, and usually yield a gaggle of biologists photographing them in fascination as our Chiropteran friends hang from the ceiling tiles, curious as to why no one is fleeing them in terror. Garter snakes also appear from time to time, enjoying elevator rides from floor to floor. The cockroaches, well, I suppose we could do without those.

Beyond the visitors, the cold-war era architecture is certainly befitting 80’s era sci-fi horror flicks. From massive, industrial-looking fume hoods roaring throughout the day, to an overgrown courtyard in the center of the square building, the Annex certainly has its spooky charm.

What many people don’t know, however, is that the Annex is haunted.

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