Biden’s Clean Energy Platform: Heavy On Clean Transport, From E-Scooters To Low Carbon Airplanes

Read the full story at Crunchbase News.

Of the many socioeconomic challenges President-elect Joe Biden focused upon during his campaign, the safe use of electric scooters was not a top subject.

But nonetheless, there it is, a featured topic in his official platform for modernizing infrastructure and promoting clean energy. His administration will work to help cities and towns “invest in infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and riders of e-scooters and other micro-mobility vehicles.”

Scooters are one of a number of transport-focused topics covered in the document, which lays out initiatives in areas ranging from air travel to car-charging infrastructure and calls for $2 trillion in investment for infrastructure and clean energy.

Post-election, we anticipate more detailed, updated plans on climate and related areas.

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