Webinar: The Business Case for Investing in Water Infrastructure with Senator Reed (D-RI)

Nov 19, 2020, 11 am-noon CST
Register here.

America is fortunate to have thousands of municipal water systems to provide reliable, plentiful clean drinking water and sanitary waste disposal. But across the country, much of our infrastructure for managing wastewater and providing drinking water is inadequate, obsolete or seriously deteriorated. Despite the need for investment, the federal government’s per capita spending on water infrastructure dropped from $76 per person in 1977 to $11 per person in 2014. Continued failure to address this major infrastructure problem is increasingly detrimental to our economy and businesses nationwide.

Currently, the US is projected to lose $732-billion loss in business sales by 2029 and over $4.5 trillion by 2039; with 636,000 jobs lost each year by 2039, just from service disruptions and increasing services rates.

These estimates don’t even include the threats failing water infrastructure poses to the US economy through pollution and flooding. If we make the necessary investments in water infrastructure, however, the return will be significant job creation, a better competitive position for U.S. businesses, and resilient economic growth.

Join ASBC, Environment America, Susan Harris of Cerulean, LLC and Senator Jack Reed (D – Rhode Island) for a special webinar on how failing water infrastructure endangers our businesses and the economy and how we can fix this problem before the cost is insurmountable. Government listens to business, so learn the facts!

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