Webinar: Technology Tools for Regional Disaster Planning

Nov 5, 2020 10:00 am
Register here.

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Water Resources (IDNR-OWR), and the Prairie Research Institute (PRI) at the University of Illinois identified three projects that use technology to move beyond reactionary response to flooding and instead develop information systems to help communities plan, educate, and adapt to changing conditions. These projects provide an overall benefit that will help reduce flood impacts, help reduce damage to property, and promote resiliency.

As administrator of the Community Development Block Grant Illinois “Ike” Disaster Recovery Program (IDRP), DCEO funded PRI’s Illinois State Geological Survey and Illinois State Water Survey to develop and provide technology solutions that provide a foundation for community and regional disaster planning. The three projects funded between 2017 and 2020 are:

  • LiDAR data acquisition and processing for 16 Illinois counties ( $3,274,830)
  • Structural risk assessment studies and losses avoided Studies ($1,269,156)
  • Rainfall frequency atlas ($506,014)

This webinar will report on the products produced from these projects. The webinar is open to the public, and there will be an open Q&A after the presentations. 

Webinar agenda

  • Opening remarks, scope of project & funding source, how to use the chat function (5 minutes)
  • Status of high-resolution topographic data in Illinois acquired through LiDAR (15 minutes )
  • Structure-specific flood risk assessments inform mitigation planning (10 minutes)
  • Updated rainfall frequency data show increasing precipitation (10 minutes )
  • Q & A (15 minutes) 

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