Ameren rejects Illinois regulators’ request, ends retail net metering for new residential solar customers

Read the full story at Utility Dive.

Ameren told the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) on Friday it is ending retail net metering for new residential solar customers, rejecting an Oct. 1 request from regulators to preserve the status quo as the process for determining if the utility can move to a different tariff works itself out.

The focal point of the struggle is whether distributed solar generation has now reached 5% of Ameren’s total system capacity, enabling the company, by law, to replace full retail net metering credits to owners of solar installations with a much lower distributed generation rebate. Ameren insists it has.

Solar installers say Ameren’s calculations are incorrect and that the sudden switch to lower payments for newrooftop solar owners will cripple the industry. In response to their plea for an emergency order, the ICC last week ruled Ameren could not lower payments to solar owners until the ICC staff audited the utility’s calculations.

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