Science-Based Targets for Nature Initial Guidance for Business.

Download the document.

The Science Based Targets Network is united by a common purpose: to equip companies with guidance for what it means to move from doing “a little less bad” to “doing our fair share” to maintain the global commons, the interrelated Earth systems that underpin the health and well-being of humans and all life.

This guidance is the first product from the Science Based Targets Network. It is the first synthesis of what it means for a company to do its part to help stop the loss of nature. It helps companies to set a clear course of action to protect nature in line with science. Specifically, the guidance covers the following questions: What is a science-based target? Why are science-based targets important? How will they work? This guidance also identifies steps companies can take immediately and enables “no regrets” actions consistent with the urgency of the challenges we face.

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