Webinar: Building an Industry 4.0 Vision to Ensure Food Safety and Reduce Food Waste

October 6, 2020 | 1:00 PM CDT
Register here.

Without a doubt, the world is changing, intensifying the need for companies to be more digitally connected. For the food and beverage industry, the fourth industrial revolution gives rise to technologies that help increase productivity, improve food safety, reduce food and resource waste, and provide full supply chain transparency from farm to consumers. Additionally, modern tracking tools and affordable sensors can monitor equipment for signs of performance deficiencies, downtime, or impending maintenance.

Join this panel discussion to hear how preventative maintenance and predictive analytics through artificial intelligence benefits the enterprise.

  • Detect mechanic deterioration and downtime risk
  • Significantly reduce the risks for contamination and food waste
  • Safeguard product quality
  • Ensure sustainability initiatives 

Now is the time to for food and beverage companies to actively work to learn, adapt, and evolve processes and operations to digitally optimize and prepare for future growth.

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