BGSU’s Farida Selim is developing a new method to demonstrate semiconductor conductivity

Read the full story from Bowling Green State University.

Most of us check our phones and laptops without a second thought of what’s underneath the shiny casing.

Dr. Farida Selim, associate professor of the Physics and Astronomy Department at Bowling Green State University, focuses on those tiny details under the hood.

Developing of a new method to demonstrate semiconductor conductivity, this technology solves a problem that will allow the size, weight, energy consumption and cost of everyday to shrink on devices such as laptops, cellphones, electric vehicles and other forms of renewable energy. In addition to making these devices much more durable and efficient, brand new types of optoelectronic and high-power devices could be developed using this technology.

Associated journal article: Islam, M.M., Liedke, M.O., Winarski, D. et al. Chemical manipulation of hydrogen induced high p-type and n-type conductivity in Ga2O3Scientific Reports 10, 6134 (2020).

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