EPA Tools & Resources Training Webinar: Alternative Disposition of Electronics Planning Tool

Thursday 09/10/2020, 2-3 pm CDT
Register here.

Information and communication technology have transformed the way we live, work and interact with each other. However, as the average useful life of electronic products continues to decline, the volume of obsolete products stored or discarded increases. The resulting waste, commonly known as “E-waste,” is the fastest-growing component of the municipal waste stream in the United States and has become an emerging problem worldwide with an estimated 40 million tons of waste generated every year. E-waste includes televisions, computers and monitors, hard-copy devices, hand-held and mobile devices, and more. Electronic products contain both valuable and hazardous materials. Improper disposal of E-waste could impact human and environmental health because of the accumulation of chemicals released into the soil and water. E-waste recycling aids the sustainability of these materials by recovering the valuable resources for recycle and reuse and protects the environment.

EPA researchers have developed the Alternative Disposition of Electronics Planning Tool (ADEPT) that provides an improved understanding of the generation of used electronics from consumer market information to the waste stream composition. ADEPT, free and available to the public, can be used to make predictions of future waste generation demands and to evaluate variable management scenarios of used electronics at state and national levels.

This webinar provides an overview of ADEPT’s functionality and utility to perform tasks, including comparing different disposition scenarios and planning of future operations and facilities. ADEPT can be a useful tool for states with and without recycling programs as a benchmark tool for policy and sustainability-based discussions. Applications of ADEPT are presented to portray the analytical power of the tool and how it can be utilized to provide realistic evaluations of changes to take-back programs. Operating the tool to evaluate “what-if” scenarios enables the consideration of programmatic changes without the cost of the actual operation.

Download the Alternative Disposition of Electronics Planning Tool (ADEPT). 

For registration questions, please contact tools_resources_webinar@epa.gov

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