Webinar: Sustainable Recovery: ESG Values and our Resilient Future

September 15, 2020, noon CDT
Register here.

In a world facing multiple crises, businesses, cities and organizations that have placed ESG values at the core of their work are proving to be more resilient, adapting more rapidly to change while charting a sustainable course to benefit future generations. Today’s pandemic has made the business case for sustainability stronger and the timelines shorter. 

How can businesses learn from this pivotal moment and drive sustainable and equitable changes for the mutual benefit of consumers, employees and our planet? This one-hour webcast will focus on the principles of sustainable recovery and how ESG-led strategies help organizations successfully navigate the trials of COVID-19 and today’s other complex challenges.

Topics include: 

  • The essential role of ESG principles in business model resilience
  • Tactics for ESG planning and implementation
  • Trends in stakeholder engagement and consumer awareness
  • Key considerations for sustainability messaging and education in this moment


  • Joel Makower, Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group


  • Collin O’Mara, President and CEO, National Wildlife Federation 
  • David Rachelson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Rubicon
  • Geoffrey Stiles, VP of Facilities and Operations, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena

If you can’t tune in live, please register and we will email you a link to access the archived webcast footage and resources, available to you on-demand after the webcast.

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