So much tear gas has been sprayed on Portland protesters that officials fear it’s polluted the water

Read the full story at Salon.

Protesters and activists alike are fearful for the long-term effects of being exposed to chemical weapons. As the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality noted previously, there is no scientific precedent for the long-term exposure of tear gas on humans, as it is not meant to be used often. And the amount of the caustic gas, reportedly the variant known as CS gas (which one Portland police official insisted was different than tear gas), sprayed in downtown Portland is similarly unusual — nearly every night since the week of George Floyd’s death on May 25, tear gas has coated the sidewalks and drains. 

That’s been stoking fears among local watchdogs agencies, including those who oversee Portland’s water infrastructure, about the effect of pollution from the constant gassing. Alarmingly, it appears little is publicly known about the environmental effects of the chemicals in the tear gas itself.

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