Master Class EPR: EPR fees and fee modulation

September 9th 2020 – 8:00 AM (CDT)
Register here.

This Master Class is the second in a series of Master Classes jointly organized by ISWA, EXPRA and Product Stewardship Institute to explain the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), its various application for various waste streams and in various countries as well as diving into hot topics and specific details.

It complements ISWA’s EPR+ library where you can find numerous articles of people dealing with EPR and their experiences and lessons learned.

During this Master Class we will discuss one of the most important features within each EPR system, namely the fees. Especially today where everybody is talking about “eco modulation of EPR fees” we first need to know and understand how a Producer Responsibility Organisation calculates and fixes their fee system before we can discuss how to modulate them.

  • Derek Stephenson, having worked for a Canadian PRO for many years and being a consultant who helped several PRO’s to design their fee systems, will explain in detail how an EPR fee system is developed and designed and how it has to be adapted mirroring market developments etc.
  • Peter Sundt, secretary general of EPRO and EPR and waste management consultant, will discuss with us the various approaches that some European PRO’s have done in developing their eco-modulation, being the front runners in this quite new development, even long before the European Commission has published their guidance on fee modulation which will hopefully be the case when our webinar is taking place. In this case, we will also shortly touch the main findings of this guidance.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

EPR is an environmental policy approach designed to shift the burden of managing certain end-of-life products from municipalities and taxpayers to the producers who place those products on the market. Beyond the end-of-life management stage, EPR also stimulates greater engagement of producers in the overall redesign of products and packaging, with the ultimate aim of reducing environmental and health impacts. The first Master Class recording on the Basics of EPR is available on the ISWA YouTube page.

Why join this webinar?

All people who are already in touch with EPR today or might be in touch with EPR tomorrow will benefit from this series of webinars by increasing their knowledge and understanding so that they are able to develop their own opinion and are able to put third peoples statements, opinions, studies etc into context.

This free EPR webinar series is a partnership between EXPRA, Product Stewardship Institute and ISWA.

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