‘Insect apocalypse’ may not be happening in US

Read the full story from the University of Georgia.

Scientists have been warning about an ‘insect apocalypse’ in recent years, noting sharp declines in specific areas — particularly in Europe. A new study shows these warnings may have been exaggerated and are not representative of what’s happening to insects on a larger scale.

Associated journal article: Michael S. Crossley, Amanda R. Meier, Emily M. Baldwin, Lauren L. Berry, Leah C. Crenshaw, Glen L. Hartman, Doris Lagos-Kutz, David H. Nichols, Krishna Patel, Sofia Varriano, William E. Snyder, Matthew D. Moran. No net insect abundance and diversity declines across US Long Term Ecological Research sitesNature Ecology & Evolution, 2020; DOI: 10.1038/s41559-020-1269-4

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