Photosynthetic hacks can boost crop yield, conserve water

Read the full story from the University of Illinois.

Plants are factories that manufacture yield from light and carbon dioxide — but parts of this complex process, called photosynthesis, are hindered by a lack of raw materials and machinery. To optimize production, scientists have resolved two major photosynthetic bottlenecks to boost plant productivity by 27 percent in real-world field conditions, according to a new study. This photosynthetic hack has also been shown to conserve water.

Associated journal article: Patricia E. López-Calcagno, Kenny L. Brown, Andrew J. Simkin, Stuart J. Fisk, Silvere Vialet-Chabrand, Tracy Lawson, and Christine A. Raines. Stimulating photosynthetic processes increases productivity and water-use efficiency in the fieldNature Plants, 2020 DOI: 10.1038/s41477-020-0740-1

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