Illinois Department of Ag recommends safe way to dispose of mystery seeds

Read the full story at Farm Week Now.

Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) officials are encouraging Illinoisans to properly dispose of unwanted foreign seeds using the agency’s recommended steps, Scott Schirmer with IDOA’s Bureau of Environmental Program said Tuesday…

IDOA recommends anyone who receives an unwanted packet of foreign seeds to not open it, but wrap it tightly in duct tape. That taped seed packet should be put in a zip-sealed sandwich bag with the air squeezed out. Put everything in a second zip-locked sandwich bag, squeezing out the air to make it as compact as possible. Use duct tape to entirely enclose the second sandwich bag containing the taped seed packet in the first sandwich bag. The double-bagged and taped package may be thrown in the garbage, according to Schirmer.

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