Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the Food, Drink and Milk Industries

Download the document.

Chapter 1 provides general information on the food, drink and milk (FDM) sector and on the industrial processes and techniques used within this sector.

Chapter 2 provides information on the common industrial processes, abatement systems and general techniques that are used across the sector. General techniques to consider in the determination of BAT (i.e. those techniques to consider that are widely applied in this sector) are reported in Chapter 2.

Chapters 3 to 15 give the applied processes, current emission and consumption levels, techniques to consider in the determination of BAT and emerging techniques for the FDM sectors that are covered by these chapters. These sectors are: animal feed, brewing, dairies, ethanol production, fish and shellfish processing, fruit and vegetables, grain milling, meat processing, oilseed processing and vegetable oil refining, olive oil processing and refining, soft drinks and nectar/juice, starch production, sugar manufacturing

Chapter 16 provides thumbnail descriptions of additional FDM sectors, for which a data collection via questionnaires has not been carried out. Chapter 17 presents the BAT conclusions as defined in Article 3(12) of the Directive, both general and sector-specific.

Concluding remarks and recommendations for future work are presented in Chapter 18.

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