Community science birding data does not yet capture global bird trends

Read the full story from the University of Utah.

Ornithologists say that community science bird data shows different trends in bird populations than professional bird surveys do, especially in developing countries. Researchers look for trends to know whether the number of individuals in a species is increasing, stable or decreasing — with the latter as a warning sign that the species is in trouble. More observations are needed, the researchers say, both by birders and professionals.

Associated journal article: Montague H.C. Neate-Clegg, Joshua J. Horns, Frederick R. Adler, M. Çisel Kemahlı Aytekin, Çağan H. Şekercioğlu. Monitoring the world’s bird populations with community science dataBiological Conservation, 2020; 248: 108653 DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2020.108653

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