Researchers look for answers as to why western bumblebees are declining

Read the full story from the University of Wyoming.

The decline of the Western bumblebee is likely not limited to one culprit but, instead, due to several factors that interact such as pesticides, pathogens, climate change and habitat loss.

Associated research article: Tabitha A. Graves, William M. Janousek, Sarah M. Gaulke, Amy C. Nicholas, Douglas A. Keinath, Christine M. Bell, Syd Cannings, Richard G. Hatfield, Jennifer M. Heron, Jonathan B. Koch, Helen L. Loffland, Leif L. Richardson, Ashley T. Rohde, Jessica Rykken, James P. Strange, Lusha M. Tronstad, Cory S. Sheffield. “Western bumble bee: declines in the continental United States and range‐wide information gaps.” Ecosphere, 2020; 11 (6) DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.3141

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