Day: June 12, 2020

New discoveries sharply curtail food packaging waste

Read the full story at Food Dive.

Südpack, a German packaging company, released two new sustainable packaging concepts for meat products that use significantly less material, according to FoodBev Media. Both solutions are created out of polypropylene and remove the need for a tray, which is typically used for minced meat.

The Flow Pack PurePP is a film that uses only 60% of the material involved in traditional tray packaging. In addition, Südpack​’s Multifol PurePP film can be used for vacuum pack solutions and requires only 55% of the material in classic minced meat packs.

Separately, scientists have discovered that beetle larvae commonly sold at pet stores can consume eight times more polystyrene plastic than other worms capable of digesting the substance, according to a paper published by the American Chemical Society. After 21 days, these “super worms” finished 70% of the polystyrene plastic given to them.

A web tool helps predict climate change in agriculture

Read the full story at Estonian World.

A new web tool, created as a collaboration between the French, Spanish, German and the Estonian researchers, gives an overview of climate change in Europe and predicts subsequent developments.

How a global ocean treaty could protect biodiversity in the high seas

Read the full story at The Conversation.

Oceans cover 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. But, because many of us spend most of our lives on land, the 362 million square kilometres of blue out there aren’t always top of mind.

While vast, oceans are not empty. They are teeming with life and connected to society through history and culture, shipping and economic activity, geopolitics and recreation.

But oceans — along with coastal people and marine species — are vulnerable, and good ocean governance is critical to protect these expanses from pollution, overfishing and climate change, to name just some of the threats.

The laws, institutions and regulations in place for the oceans are a multi-layered patchwork and always a work in progress.

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