Black Birders Week: An Ode to Our Allies

Read the full story at Louisiana Audubon.

Today is June 4, 2020. A lot has happened recently, including police brutality against Black people, its attempted use as a weapon against Christian Cooper, a long-time Central Park fixture who is a Black birder, protests around the world, the establishment of #BlackBirdersWeek, everyone from celebrities to activists to laypeople publicly speaking out against racism, and a host of other things, all in the midst of the continued coronavirus pandemic. I keep getting asked — and I keep asking myself — do I know any other Black birders? I know tons of allies and supporters, but I know very few birders who are Black. I don’t even know many Black nature-lovers, campers, or hikers. I can only share what it’s like to be a Black birder. One in the deep south, no less. Keep in mind, what follows is an N-of-1. An atypical N-of-1, some would argue. There are 10 million ways to react to what has happened recently, but it is my opinion that sharing is one key way to heal from hurt, injustice, and bigotry.

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