Webinar: Air Compressor Master Controls to Prevent Control Gap

Thu, May 21, 2020 1-2 pm CDT
Register here.

Join Keynote Speaker, Tim Dugan, President and Principal Engineer, Compression Engineering Corporation, to discuss the air compressors’ need to be matched to load effectively and efficiently. He will also review the instability and/or inefficiency that can result if the air compressors’ range of variation can’t be matched to the system variation. He will also discuss the problem with control gap and what to do to avoid it.

Our first Sponsor Speaker is Pascal van Putten, CEO, VPInstruments. His presentation, “How Insertion Flow Meters Combined with Compressor Controls Save Energy at a Glass Factory,” will discuss how the glass factory uses more than 20 flow meters for insight into their compressed air consumption. He will also review the new master controller that was installed in 2019 and how the factory saves $150,000 annually on their compressed air consumption.

Our second Sponsor Speaker is Josh Borrego, Product Manager, BEKO. His presentation, “A Holistic Approach to Compressed Air System Measurement and Control,” will discuss the importance of compressed air measurement, understanding what the data entails and how to best utilize the data that is received.

This is an interactive webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions before and during the live event. Questions for Tim Dugan, Pascal van Putten and Josh Borrego can be submitted to kimberly@airbestpractices.com.

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