Webinar: Let it rain! Reuse for urban watersheds and drinking? Is it safe?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 6-7:30 pm CDT
Register here.

Rainwater tanks have been a feature of urban society since the days of ancient civilizations in Persia, Greece & Jordon.

With the wide spread 20th century advent of piped water in cities, they largely fell out of favour .

However with extended drought conditions in Australian water catchments in the early 21st century, rainwater harvesting gained new interest as a supplementary source of potable (drinking) water. This acceptance was reinforced with the emergence of the Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) paradigm where all parts of the urban water cycle (after suitable treatment) are considered to be legitimate contributors of the urban water supply.

However when rainwater is formally incorporated into urban water supply planning, empirical knowledge of supply and safety need to converted into quantitative knowledge. This requirement lead to an extensive research program in Queensland which examined issues of supply , reliability, chemical & microbiological quality, maintenance, community acceptance , economics and regulatory/policy procedures as well as implications to stormwater management.

This webinar will touch lightly on most of these topics, with particular emphasis on assessing human health aspects of its use for drinking & non drinking end uses.

Ted Gardner is an adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering & Science at Victoria University. In a previous life he was a research leader in urban water issues in the Queensland Department of Natural Resources as well as CSIRO where he researched issues ranging from on-site sewage disposal to rainwater tanks to stormwater reuse to effluent irrigation modelling. He is also the co-editor of 3 books on Indirect potable reuse, Rainwater Tank systems and Water Sensitive Urban Design. He is now a semi-retired scientist with interests in mentoring students and undertaking the occasional interesting consultancy .

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