Day: April 14, 2020

Amid COVID-19 fears, Lightfoot orders halt to demolitions after work on Saturday sent dust cloud into Little Village. Video shows smokestack tumble.

Read the full story in the Chicago Tribune.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has ordered Chicago’s building department to stop any non-emergency demolitions this week after Saturday’s demolition at the Crawford Coal Plant sent a cloud of dust into the Little Village neighborhood.

Silence of the climate watchdogs

Read the full story in Columbia Journalism Review.

An absent dog does not bark, says an African proverb. The US press has hardly been absent during the coronavirus outbreak; many outlets have run stories about little else. But the focus on the virus has distracted the press from its watchdog function on other matters of public importance, including the climate crisis. Just as some merchants have exploited the pandemic to price gouge, some government and corporate officials appear to have chosen this moment of anxiety and distraction to engineer financial give-aways and regulatory rollbacks that under normal circumstances would be bitterly contested.

Webinar: Remote Energy Performance Analysis of Compressed Air Systems during Covid-19

Thursday, April 16, 2020 1:00 pm CDT
Register here.

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt to new working conditions. For many energy managers, this means working from home while trying to maintain a focus on energy efficiency. For Paul Edwards from Compressed Air Consultants, an ENERGY STAR Industrial Service & Product Partner, this means no more on-site assessments. So Paul is adapting by conducting remote performance analysis of compressed air systems for clients and has offered to share what he is learning from the process with ENERGY STAR Industrial Partners. Though done offsite, Paul estimates that 40-70% of the kWh savings found in a compressed air audit can still be found without setting a foot on site.

Join us for this special pop-up webinar to hear some strategies for assessing compressed air systems from home. We will also hear from an ENERGY STAR partner who has worked with Paul on a remote assessment and will have time for questions and discussions of remote monitoring strategies.


  • Paul Edwards, President, Compressed Air Consultants, Inc
  • Walt Tunnessen, ENERGY STAR Industrial Team

The Baller

Read the full story in the Delacourt Review.

Can attitude help save the planet? A frightened climate reporter meets an ex-basketball player with a serious game plan.

Nature to join open-access Plan S, publisher says

Read the full story in Nature.

Springer Nature says it commits to offering researchers a route to publishing open access in Nature and most Nature-branded journals from 2021.

Scientists in Japan develop decomposable plastic

Read the full story from UPI.

Japanese scientists say they have developed plastic that can disintegrate at sea within 30 days.

The Asahi Shimbun reported the plastic contains cassava, a raw material used to make tapioca, and cellulose found in wood pulp, originating from tropical climates.

Scientists discover enzyme which breaks down PET plastic ‘in hours’

Read the full story at FoodBev.

Scientists working for industrial chemistry firm Carbios have discovered an enzyme which can reportedly break down PET plastics for recycling into food-grade material in hours, rather than weeks.

A green solution to an aging stormwater system

Read the full story in the Washington Post.

Climate change means more floods, which overwhelm urban sewers and send raw sewage into rivers and streams. Philadelphia is aiming to capture rainwater before it flows into city drains.

Chemists pinpoint green method to separate coal ash minerals, elements

Read the full story in Concrete Products.

Chemical specialist Elixsys reports successful laboratory extraction of industrial-grade compounds from power generating stations’ coal combustion products (CCP). Through methods exhibiting “zero waste and environmental impact” and marketing agreements in place or progress, the company plans to bring finished materials to construction and industrial supply chains.

How EcoAthletes plans to go to bat for the climate

Read the full story in GreenBiz.

With everything from basketball to baseball to bowling being postponed or canceled, and with the 2020 Olympics delayed until 2021, competitive sports largely have been sidelined by the pandemic. And yet, during this lengthy timeout, athletes continue to be engaged, using their celebrity power to help bring awareness to social distancing and other things we should be doing to address the coronavirus crisis.

Climate change, too. Today, a veteran sports marketing executive is launching his side hustle: a new nonprofit to engage professional athletes to become messengers and evangelists on the climate crisis.

EcoAthletes aims to “identify, inspire, coach and deploy athletes to talk about climate change — where they are and in ways that they’re comfortable,” according to its founder, Lew Blaustein, who’s spent more than 30 years in brand management, sports marketing and promotion, and who writes GreenSportsBlog, which since 2014 has been syndicated on GreenBiz. (In addition, I serve on EcoAthletes’ advisory board.)

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