New rooftop ‘hydropanels’ will make drinkable water from thin air

Read the full story in Curbed.

Solar panels may soon get some neighbors on the roof. From Arizona-based startup Zero Mass Water comes something called a “hydropanel”, which generates drinking water from ambient air. Developed by material scientist Cody Friesen, the hydropanel is designed to produce four to 10 liters of drinking water every day depending on weather conditions and humidity levels.

At CES last week, Zero Mass Water introduced the Source Rexi Hydropanel, a smaller version of the original design introduced in 2017 that can be installed on residential roofs like a solar panel. In fact, the hydropanel isn’t so far off from its solar cousin—the Rexi is powered by the sun (and comes with a backup battery), which means it can operate off the grid. A standard Source array comprises two hydropanels, which produces enough water for four to six people.

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