Get Climate Opinion Factsheets for States, Counties, or Congressional Districts

Via the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Americans’ opinions about climate change vary widely depending on where people live. So why would we rely on just one national number to understand public responses to climate change at the state and local levels?

This “Factsheets” tool provides information about Americans’ beliefs, risk perceptions, and policy preferences about climate change for all 50 states, 435 congressional districts, and 3,142 counties across the U.S. The tool allows you to customize which survey questions are shown on your Factsheet.

The opinion estimates are based on a statistical model (see Howe et al. 2015 for details) that uses a large individual-level survey dataset (n > 20,000), plus geographic, demographic, economic, and other data to provide results accurate to within about 8 percentage points at any geographic level.

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