4 reasons to be hopeful about the notoriously wasteful fashion industry in 2020

Read the full story at Fast Company.

Consumers are becoming aware of fashion’s pollution problem, thanks to reporting in the media, a spate of new books on the topic including Fashionopolis and The Conscious Closet, and brands such as Patagonia and Everlane that are embracing sustainability in their supply chains and their marketing. A report from the sustainability nonprofit Global Fashion Agenda found that in 2019, 75% of consumers viewed sustainability as very or extremely important. Consumers are unhappy with the status quo and would like to push for a more sustainable future.

But fashion is a $2.5 trillion global industry, with consumers in every corner of the world. Its supply chains are vast and international, going from the production of raw materials (cotton, wool, oil-based plastic) all the way to the factories where people cut and sew clothes to the warehouses where they’re stored until we buy them.

The big question in 2020 is this: Can we begin making the big, structural changes necessary to build environmental stewardship into this enormous industry? Here are four reasons to be hopeful.

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