These vintage-style travel posters show favorite tourist destinations post-climate change

Read the full story in Fast Company.

Vintage travel posters showed idyllic getaways with bold graphics: scenes of sunny California, underwater adventures teeming with marine life, and the crisp Alps covered in snow. But with climate change threatening all these environments, modern-day travel posters might show things a bit differently—the California countryside on fire, Queensland, Australia’s disappearing coral reefs, Switzerland’s Zermatt mountain with barely any snow, instead covered in patches of dry, brown grass.

In a new campaign from creative agency FF Los Angeles and Fridays for Future, the international movement of those striking for the climate led by Greta Thunberg, that’s exactly what we see. The campaign reimagines classic tourism posters with a climate-change twist. “You don’t believe in global warming?” the posters read. “How about local warming?”

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