Your Next Puffer Coat Will Be Filled With Flower Petals, Not Feathers

Read the full story in Vogue.

It’s officially puffer season. New York got its first major snowstorm yesterday, following a weekend of Midwest blizzards (and frustrating holiday flight delays). If you’re committed to shopping sustainably, though, puffer coats are a bit of a conundrum: Traditional goose down often entails animal cruelty (the birds may be plucked alive, or killed exclusively for their feathers), while vegan fill alternatives are typically made of a petroleum-based synthetic, like polyester, which won’t biodegrade and sheds microplastics. Neither option is ideal, so what’s a conscious—and cold—shopper to do?

Today, Pangaia, the science-forward basics line that launched last year, is addressing that gray area with its latest release: FLWRDWN, a capsule of puffers filled with natural wildflowers. It’s the rare sustainable solution that’s neither cruel to animals nor to the planet; in addition to being ultrawarm, fluffy, and hypoallergenic, the “flower down” is 100% biodegradable.

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