Webinar: Preventing Drug Pollution in the Great Lakes: Understand the Threats + Learn About Drug Take-Back Solutions

Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 10:30-noon CST
Register here.

When improperly disposed, unused medication threatens the health of our Great Lakes and the fish, wildlife, and people that depend on them. Sewage treatment plants and septic systems are not designed to remove pharmaceuticals; when we flush drugs, we pollute our waters. Furthermore, drugs stockpiled in household medicine cabinets are often abused or lead to accidental poisonings. The safest method of pharmaceutical disposal is through drug take-back programs using collection drop-boxes at retail pharmacies and local law enforcement offices, as well as mail-back envelopes.

On this free webinar, you will hear from experts about the ecological impacts from improper drug disposal and proven solutions to increase public access to safe drug disposal. Speakers will review best practices for establishing a drug take-back program, as well as policy solutions that can significantly increase public access to safe, convenient drug disposal in your state.

In particular, the webinar will delve into Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies for pharmaceuticals, which require drug companies to fund and manage take-back programs. Learn about the successful campaign carried out by the Product Stewardship Institute and Citizens Campaign for the Environment to enact a robust pharmaceutical EPR law in New York and how it can be replicated throughout the Great Lakes.

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