Day: November 1, 2019

Webinar: Better Stories, Bigger Impact: How Scientists Can Engage Effectively with the Media to Share Their Science

Nov 5, 2019 1:00 PM CST
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More than ever, scientists are being asked to explain how their research is relevant to society and decision-making. This often requires them to navigate interactions with the media. In this webinar, journalist and scientist Dr. Julia Rosen will share expertise and insights about how scientists can more effectively engage with journalists to share compelling stories about their research. This webinar will provide practical lessons for successfully working with the media to increase the reach and impact of your science and will explore questions including: How do you build trust with journalists? At what point in the research process should you engage with journalists? What are best practices for communicating with the media?

Alisal Union Elementary students pioneer food recycling program to combat hunger, waste

Read the full story in The Californian.

A little after noon Thursday, dozens of sixth-graders at Monte Bella Elementary School filed into the cafeteria, chattering with each other. They grabbed clean green plastic trays and stood in line, waiting for the cafeteria workers to dish out chicken fajitas, corn, breadsticks, apples and more. 

Not all of that food will get eaten, though, and over the last few years, Alisal Union School District parents began to raise concerns about food waste. In response, they began a food recycling program to not only reduce food waste but also combat student hunger. 

Fishery collapse ‘confirms Silent Spring pesticide prophecy’

Read the full story in The Guardian.

The Silent Spring prophecy that pesticides could “still the leaping of fish” has been confirmed, according to scientists investigating the collapse of fisheries in Japan. They say similar impacts are likely to have occurred around the world.

The long-term study showed an immediate plunge in insect and plankton numbers in a large lake after the introduction of neonicotinoid pesticides to rice paddies. This was rapidly followed by the collapse of smelt and eel populations, which had been stable for decades but rely on the tiny creatures for food.

The analysis shows a strong correlation but cannot prove a causal link between the insecticides and the collapse. However, independent scientists said other possibilities had been ruled out and that the work provided “compelling evidence”.

Preparing for an Electric Vehicle Future: How Utilities Can Succeed

Download the document.

EVs can offer sizable benefits to utilities, but only if they start preparing now.

With a forecast of 9.6 million electric vehicle (EV) charging ports required by 2030, utilities need to take a proactive approach to preparing for these new loads. By doing so, utilities will maximize benefits and minimize risk leading to improved customer engagement, growing revenue, reduced system impacts, and more.

Combining results from an industry survey with personal insights of utility industry experts, the paper delivers recommendations and best practices for improving how utilities should support, plan and deploy EV charging infrastructure. With similar time horizons for realizing large EV deployments and utility infrastructure deployments, the message is clear: all utilities should be preparing today for significant EV penetration. This report was written by members of the Distribution Planning Subcommittee from SEPA’s Electric Vehicle Working Group.

A Framework for the Green Real Deal

Download the document.

The threats posed by climate change to the world, our nation, and our way of life present an unprecedented and urgent challenge. Subnational entities have adopted aggressive carbon reduction targets and public support is mounting for climate action in the United States. In this context, a coalition-building and pragmatic strategy is needed—one that minimizes costs, maximizes economic opportunities, accelerates solutions, and promotes social equity—to translate climate mitigation ambitions into action. This is The Green Real Deal—A Framework for Achieving a Deeply Decarbonized Economy.

Nutella maker Ferrero targets move to sustainable packaging

Read the full story from FoodBev Media.

The Ferrero Group has announced plans to make all its packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

EPA proposal would shrink buffer zones around farm pesticides

Read the full story in Successful Farming.

In the name of making safety regulations easier to implement, the EPA proposed on Thursday to reduce the size of buffer zones intended to protect people from exposure to pesticides during their application on the farm. Environmental and farmworker groups said the proposal would increase the risk of pesticides being sprayed on or drifting onto workers, neighbors, and passersby.

Where next for edible packaging? From dissolvable pre-workout protein packs to instant oatmeal

Read the full story at Food Navigator.

Tide Pods remain firmly off the menu, but individually portioned instant coffee, pasta, oatmeal and servings of protein powder encased in edible packaging that dissolves as soon as it hits water could become a staple in US households as firms seek to reduce packaging waste, boost convenience, and help consumers engage in portion control, says Monosol.

REMONDIS, Neste Partner to Develop Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste

Read the full story at Waste360.

The duo will focus on developing and accelerating chemical recycling with a target to reach an annual capacity to process more than 200 kilotons of waste plastic.

Sustainability in Higher Education Outlook for the 2019-2020 School Year

Read the full post from the National Wildlife Federation.

With the fall semester in full swing, sustainability offices around the country are gearing up for a new year. In my role as the National Wildlife Federation Higher Education Sustainability Fellow, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a number of college and university sustainability coordinators about what’s top of mind for them this academic year and a few themes have emerged.

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