What Can We Do As Consumers About Climate Change?

Download the document.

We hear news almost daily about the impacts of climate change on many aspects of our lives – weather, property, livelihood, health, the environment. We hear about what we can do to reduce these impacts by using energy-efficient appliances and weatherproofing our homes. We also hear about the benefits of driving fuel-efficient or electric cars, sharing rides, and using public transportation. But there are other important things that we can do to live more sustainably, such as focusing on the products and materials that we all rely on and enjoy because these also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing the climate impacts from our purchases can take us into an exciting future, as our buying habits evolve and help protect the earth from climate change. Reducing the impacts on our climate from the things that we buy can help everyone achieve a better and safer future. Fortunately, we already know many of the solutions.

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