EPA’s EnviroAtlas Publishes Data on Three New Urban Areas, Including Philadelphia and Salt Lake City

Read the full story from U.S. EPA.

Ecosystem goods and services produce the many life-sustaining benefits we receive from nature—clean air and water, fertile soil for crop production, pollination, and flood control. These ecosystem services are important to environmental and human health and well-being, yet they aren’t always fully understood or considered when communities are making decisions. EPA’s EnviroAtlas tool aims to change that by using maps and data to help communities understand the relationship between nature, health, well-being, and the economy.

EnviroAtlas is an interactive and free web-based tool that combines maps, analysis tools, fact sheets, and downloadable data to inform state and local policy and planning decisions. EPA researchers have just added fine-scale data and maps for three new urban areas to EnviroAtlas, in addition to the 24 U.S. urban areas already included in the tool. The new featured areas are Philadelphia, PA, Salt Lake City, UT, and Sonoma County, CA, which collectively include over 300 cities and towns not previously covered. Nearly 7 million people populate the newly included communities alone.

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