How P&G and IKEA talk about circularity

Read the full story in GreenBiz.

As a reformed technology journalist, I am well-acquainted with the dangers of overusing jargon. Use too much of it, and you risk alienating anyone — especially your would-be customers — who isn’t an industry “insider.” Eliminate it entirely from your vocabulary, and you could miss riding the rising wave of consumer consciousness related to an emerging concept finding its way into mainstream vernacular.

That’s why, when it comes to talking up the benefits of a circular economy, we’re hearing companies tout remanufacturing, repair, refurbishment, “product as a service” (aka rental) versus ownership, recirculation of stuff, the reuse of containers  — and the regenerative nature of all these behaviors. The concept of “circularity” is gaining resonance (test it on one of your “civilian” friends), but many pioneers of circular business models are treading carefully with their messaging and marketing.

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