Comprehensive Online Energy Library Adds Features and Relaunches as “OurEnergyLibrary”’s resource library—the most comprehensive online resource library for U.S. energy policy-relevant publications and materials—now has a new name, a new look, and improved search and sort capabilities. OurEnergyLibrary aggregates close to 5,000 publicly available reports, white papers, journal articles, and studies and is the only online database that aggregates publications across all U.S. energy policy topics.

OurEnergyLibrary is part of the Library of Congress’s E-Resource site and is also listed at Dozens of colleges currently utilize OurEnergyLibrary and refer students to it for course readings. These include Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California Irvine, Dartmouth College, and Boston College. OurEnergyLibrary has also been cited by the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. It is a non-partisan, one-stop hub where anyone in government, media, academia, the private sector, non-profit, advocacy groups, and the public can search expertly indexed, cross-sectoral, energy policy resources.

“For anyone working on energy policy issues, the OurEnergyLibrary is extremely valuable,” said Bill Squadron, President of “As part of’s mission to facilitate responsible energy policy dialogue, the nonpartisan OurEnergyLibrary makes resources from all viewpoints and all corners of the energy landscape widely accessible.”

OurEnergyLibrary provides a more defined focus than a simple Google search by limiting results to curated, professionally tagged publications, while excluding news articles, blog posts, and other extraneous content. It includes studies, reports, papers and other documents, and these resources are all free, publicly available, and produced by reputable organizations.

The library adds new materials every week to include the most recent energy resources. New items in OurEnergyLibrary are featured weekly in the This Week in Energy newsletter.

Resources included in OurEnergyLibrary are published by federal and state government, think tanks, research organizations, trade associations, and other reputable entities across the energy sector, including the following:

  • Government: Congressional Research Service, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Intergovernmental Organizations: International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Center for Strategic and International Studies, Bipartisan Policy Center, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, R Street Institute, Brookings Institution, Heritage Foundation, The Atlantic Council, World Resources Institute, Resources for the Future, The Electric Power Research Institute, The American Wind Energy Association, The American Gas Association, National Academies of Sciences
  • Private Companies: Wood Mackenzie, The Brattle Group, Deloitte, BP
  • Regional Organizations: PJM Interconnection, California Energy Commission

OurEnergyLibrary seeks to maintain a comprehensive database and accepts submissions. To add energy policy-relevant publications that  are not already listed in the OurEnergyLibrary, please contact Helen Thompson (202-662-8715,

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